Dreaming gets you started, vision provides the map, but relentless action truly determines the altitude of your success.



As we approach the joyful holiday season each year, we must quietly pause to ask ourselves this most dire question: “WOW, IS 2012 REALLY ALMOST OVER?!?”  It is amazing to think that just 365 days ago, most of us were in a much different place in our lives personally, professionally, or even in the physical realm.  Sure, we would all like to think that we age like a fine wine.  The reality is some people age more like 2% milk.  We all have the capacity to age gracefully as nature intended, but the choices we make through our lifestyle have the ability to tarnish or polish our physical bodies.  When faced with the proverbial choice of the ‘apple or doughnut’, many will choose the latter.  Immediate gratification can be our biggest enemy when dealing with seemingly intangible long-term goals.  Consider this for a moment: you are the CEO of your body.  Your choices directly impact the entire organization in a positive or negative way.  Every decision moves the needle!  Over the course of a lifetime, the CEO will encounter a variety of difficult situations or questions when the only viable option is to consult an expert.  The expert helps to guide the process and offer knowledge, but ultimately, the CEO is responsible.  Essentially, we want to serve as that expert for your body.  Back pain doesn’t have to be something that limits your workouts.  Shoulder injuries aren’t a prison sentence.  Knees and hips should be used for dancing or running again.  As CEO of your body, your job is to:

  1. Identify your Strengths
  2. Become Conscious of your Weaknesses
  3. Take Opportunities for Improvement
  4. Be Aware of Injury Prevention Methods